4 Benefits of a Spa Enclosure

Your hot tub is a luxurious retreat, allowing you to soak your stresses away. However, if yours is exposed to the open air, this can take away from some of the relaxation. The guide below explores the benefits of enclosing yours with a sunroom.

Why Enclose Your Spa?

1. Protect From the Elements

Using a spa when the temperature is in the 90s can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, you might also not want to be outside when it’s cool, despite the lure of the hot water. By building a sunroom or screen room around your spa, you can enjoy its comfort year-round and in all kinds of weather.

2. Shield From Debris & Insects

Wind can easily blow leaves, twigs, and other debris into your hot tub if it is uncovered. Pests can also find their way inside, which means you will have to spend time cleaning the area out before using it. An enclosure shields your tub from these unwanted elements. It also actively keeps the bugs away from you as you relax in the warm water.

3. Increase Privacy

sunroomMany people wear swimsuits when using a hot tub. If you are uncomfortable with the neighbors seeing you, enclosing the space provides you with privacy. It can also offer some soundproofing so that your conversations don’t carry.

4. Improve Safety

A hot tub can legally be considered an “attractive nuisance.” Its presence inspires kids to go investigate it. Pets, too, might become intrigued. This can sometimes lead to trespassing and injury. Therefore, blocking it off helps prevent accidents and potential liability suits.

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