3 Maintenance Tips for Screen Enclosures

A screen enclosure makes it possible to enjoy your outdoor living space year-round while keeping you protected from the elements. Unfortunately, just like a home’s roof and siding, enclosures are exposed to harsh weather and other environmental conditions that can cause deterioration and damage. As such, practice proper care techniques to help extend the life of your enclosure. Here are a few recommended maintenance tips.

How to Keep Your Screen Enclosure in Good Condition

1. Clean Regularly

Over time, dirt, dust, pollen, and other organic materials will collect on your screen enclosure and dull its appearance. Cleaning it at least once a season will help you maintain a clear view to the outside, boost your curb appeal, and preserve the screen and frame life.

This can be done with warm water and mild dish soap. Wet the enclosure down thoroughly, and then scrub it with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse it off and wipe it down with a cloth to prevent streaking. For harder-to-reach areas, you may use a pressure washer on a low setting to avoid damaging the screen.

2. Eliminate Mold & Stains

sidingMoisture will often get trapped within the tiny holes of a screen enclosure, leading to mold and algae growth. Like cleaning vinyl siding, these spots can usually be eliminated with a hot water and vinegar solution. If this doesn’t work, bleach might be more successful. However, harsh chemicals can sometimes discolor aluminum, so check the manufacturer’s suggestions on cleaning products.

3. Address Minor Issues Right Away

Inclement weather, insects, wildlife, landscaping equipment, and falling tree branches can create holes and rips in your screen enclosure. Inspect it periodically throughout the year and look for any small issues that need to be repaired before they become more extensive. Also, keep an eye out for worn-out caulking and touch it up when necessary to prevent insects from getting inside.

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