What Siding Material Lasts the Longest

What Siding Material Lasts the LongestAre you considering replacing your home’s siding? If so, then material choice is of utmost importance, especially if you’re looking for siding that will stand the test of time. After all, the lifespan of your home is tied directly to the performance of its siding and its ability to protect your home from the forces of nature. There are a wide variety of materials used in home siding, and each comes with its own characteristics that affect the lifespan of the material. So, which siding material lasts the longest?

Wood Siding

Wood siding offers a unique charm and appearance to homes, giving them a cozy and traditional look. Unfortunately, the aesthetic appeal of wood also comes with one of the shortest lifespans of siding materials. While the average wood siding can last between 20-40 years, this timeframe also requires regular attention and maintenance. To prevent cracking and rotting, wood siding will need to be repainted or resealed every few years. Also keep in mind that this process will require plenty of preparation such as sanding, scraping, and caulking beforehand.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is among the most commonly used materials in siding today due to its inexpensive production costs. Since it is synthetically manufactured, vinyl is not as susceptible to rotting or termite infiltration like wood, which helps it last longer. However, vinyl siding will still require regular maintenance, as seasonal temperature changes often result in expansion and contraction, causing the material to warp. Additionally, the sun’s powerful rays can fade the material over time, so repainting should be expected. With regular maintenance, vinyl siding can last more than 40 years.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is a surprisingly inexpensive material that offers some level of durability. It stands up to moisture, heat, and sun better than wood, and won’t crack or fade over time like vinyl. However, it has one of the shortest service lives of common siding materials, since the thin metal is susceptible to damage during inclement weather. Ask any homeowner with aluminum siding how it has fared during high winds, hurricanes, or hailstorms and they’ll tell you that their siding has its fair share of dings and dents. So, while aluminum won’t require the regular maintenance of wood or vinyl, it still often needs to be completely replaced every 20-40 years.

Seamless Steel Siding

If you’re wondering which siding material lasts the longest, look no further than seamless steel siding. Steel siding is a premium siding option that combines many of the desirable qualities of other materials into one product. Steel will not expand or contract over time, like wood and vinyl, meaning it won’t warp or pull away from the home. Like aluminum, steel also doesn’t rot or crack, and will not fade in the sunlight. However, the 28-guage, heavy-duty galvanized steel used in ABC Seamless of Nebraska’s seamless steel siding is far more durable than common aluminum siding. This means that it can handle any weather conditions no matter how severe. All these qualities mean that steel siding can last indefinitely, without the need for maintenance!

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