Steel Roofing Offers a Number of Benefits Over Ordinary Asphalt Shingles

Steel Roofing Steel roofing is lifetime roofing. Imagine, being done with roofing repairs for the rest of your life! You can, by having a steel roof installed on your home…and you’ll be done with maintenance once and for all. Here are just a few of the many benefits of steel:

  • You won’t have to repair rotting wood or dilapidated asphalt shingles. Steel doesn’t wear away like other roofing materials do; in fact, steel is highly resistant to mildew, mold, cracking, and peeling.
  • You won’t have to cross your fingers and hope for the best when a storm blows through. Steel roofs are far less likely to leak than asphalt options, which means fewer costly repairs. You won’t need to worry about water dripping into your living space – those “bucket days” are over!
  • You don’t have to worry about your roofing blowing away. Steel shingles and shakes, like ABC Roofing, is screw-secured into place. This gives it better wind ratings than most other roofing products. Steel roofing withstands wind speeds up to 160 miles per hour – the equivalent of an EF-3 tornado!

What’s more, steel roofing is energy efficient. Unlike asphalt and wood, ABC steel roofing with its Cool-Roof technology helps reflect radiant heat away from your home. This makes it easier for your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your house, leading to lower energy bills. You’ll find those cost reductions can add up to significant savings over a lifetime.

For more information about steel roofing, or to request more information from a roofing expert near you, contact ABC Seamless today.