Lifetime Steel Roofing from ABC Seamless – Your Permanent Roofing Solution

steel roofing Lifetime steel roofing from ABC Seamless is the wise choice for homeowners looking for permanent roofing solutions. Not only does it retain its brand new look for years to come, it can also help homeowners save thousands of dollars in roofing repairs and replacement over the life of their home.

In addition to steel shingles and shakes, select ABC Seamless franchises also custom cut and install seamless steel roof systems constructed from heavy-gauge, hot-dipped, G-90 galvanized steel. This is one of the most durable designer roofs on the market! Our metal roofing systems look like shingles but are far superior to asphalt shingles or wood shakes. You see, ABC roofing is secured with screws for maximum stability. And it is highly resistant to strong winds, fire, and impacts. ABC Seamless steel roofing also helps eliminate wind and water intrusion. Plus, it doesn’t warp, crack, or peel – and as seasonal temperatures change, expansion and contraction is so slight, it’s virtually imperceptible!

Steel roofing from ABC Seamless is also:

  • Customizable – Select your style! ABC steel roofing is available in lifetime steel shingle shakes as well as steel slate for a more conventional roof profile. Or go “seamless” with horizontal steel panels resembling shingles but providing a sleek, linear look to a roofline.  And you can choose from many popular colors to suit your personal tastes and to complement the architectural character of your home.
  • ENERGY STAR certified – ABC Seamless steel roofing incorporates “Cool Roof” paint technology to reflect the sun’s heat and UV rays away from the roof. This can help keep inside temperatures cooler during hot summer months, reducing energy consumption and ultimately, costs.
  • Class 4 impact rated – Our steel roof systems are tough. Every ABC roof offers superior protection against impacts from hail and wind-driven debris.
  • Resistant against winds up to 160 miles per hour – ABC Seamless steel roofing resists winds as strong as those generated from an EF-3 tornado! That’s important peace of mind!
  • Covered by a superior warranty – We stand behind every roof we install with a lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty – one of the best in the industry!

With an ABC Seamless roof, you can be confident the job will be handled by true industry experts who have many years of installation experience. Our installers are acclaimed for their unsurpassed commitment to service and customer satisfaction.  This outstanding effort truly is second to none and has helped ABC Seamless earn countless awards and recognition.

Contact ABC Seamless today for more information about its steel roofing systems. We will gladly answer any questions you may have and provide a free, no-obligation quote.