Steel Roofing for Your Home in the Smithfield, UT, Area

Steel Roofing Smithfield UTPremium steel roofing from ABC Seamless is an ideal solution for any homeowner looking to avoid the hassle of future roof repair and maintenance in Smithfield, Utah. Our steel metal roofs are far more resilient than asphalt and wood roofs, and will retain their brand-new look for many decades to come. Additionally, steel roofs can help you save you thousands of dollars in roof repairs and replacements over the lifetime of your home. This is because our roofs, while they look like shingles, are outstandingly tough and made of heavy-gauge, hot-dipped, G-90 galvanized steel.

This material, which we use exclusively, allows our steel roofing to:

  • Withstand direct impacts from severe hail and windblown debris
  • Resist heat and protect your home from fire
  • Resist mold and mildew growth

What’s more, the steel roofing we offer in the Smithfield, UT, area is UL-rated to withstand wind speeds of up to 160 mph, enough to resist sustained gusts from an EF-3 tornado. What’s more, our roofing’s integral Cool-Roof technology enables it to reflect heat away from your home, helping it to keep its interior temperature stable year-round. Over time, this can even help you to save money on your monthly cooling and heating costs. Furthermore, our steel roofs are available in an impressive variety of colors, all of which are coated in a Kynar 500® paint finish to prevent corrosion and ensure they stay vibrant for years to come.

For more information about our seamless steel roofing and why it’s the number one choice for so many homeowners in the Smithfield, UT, area, contact ABC Seamless today.