Low-Maintenance Steel Log Siding Is a Terrific Option for Homeowners in Hastings, NE

Split-level home with brown log-style steel siding and five-unit bow window with white trimOnce the standard for pioneer homesteads, log siding has long claimed a special place in the hearts of Nebraska homeowners. However, many residents today just don’t have time for the maintenance required to keep log siding looking its best. Fortunately for homeowners in the Hastings area, there’s a happy alternative: steel log siding from ABC Seamless of Nebraska.

Whether you’re planning to replace your real log siding because you’re weary of sanding and refinishing it every few years or you’ve just always wanted the log siding look for your home, ABC Seamless has the replacement siding you’re looking for. Our log-style steel siding will deliver all the beauty of wood and resilience of steel while requiring no more maintenance than an occasional cleaning with your garden hose.

How Steel Log Siding Outperforms Its Wood Counterpart

Unlike wood siding, steel siding resists expanding and contracting when the temperatures change, and that translates into less wear and tear on your siding as well as fewer opportunities for air and moisture to get past your siding panels. Moreover, our steel log siding easily outperforms real wood siding when it comes to:

Impact Resistance

You won’t have to worry about dented, chipped siding due to hail or the rocks kicked up by your lawn mower.

Fire Protection

Our steel siding is noncombustible, which means it will provide considerable protection from any sparks that waft toward your home from forest fires or your neighbor’s burn pit.

Termite Deterrence

Termites and other boring insects don’t fancy steel as a meal, so they won’t chew on your new log-style siding.

Rot Resistance

Our steel log siding doesn’t absorb moisture, so it will maintain its brand-new appearance and stability for decades.

What’s more, you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal to get the durability you want for your Hastings home when you partner with ABC Seamless of Nebraska. Our steel log siding comes in a variety of colors and simulated woodgrain textures. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more.