Seamless Steel Siding Outperforms Many Comparable Alternatives

Seamless Steel Siding Investing in seamless steel siding is one of the smartest siding choices a homeowner can make. It’s stronger and more durable than vinyl and cement fiberboard, plus its attractive, pristine look will last for years. And considering its incredible ease to maintain, it’s hard to fathom any other siding on your home.

The advantages of seamless steel siding are nearly endless. For instance:

  • Steel is strong enough to stand up to fire, hail, falling branches, and nearly anything else that could potentially damage your home. This is especially true of heavy-gauge, hot-dipped, G-90 galvanized steel. After all, which would you want protecting your home – sturdy steel or flimsy, brittle plastic?
  • Most siding comes in pre-cut panels that leave seams and splices across the wall. That can make a home’s exterior quite unsightly. But with custom-cut siding formed from a seamless ribbon of steel, there are no overlapping panels – it’s truly seam-free! This prevents moisture, pesky insects, and dirt from getting beneath your siding to damage your home.
  • Steel’s contraction and expansion rate is virtually imperceivable when temperatures swing from frigid lows to scorching highs. Because of its nature, steel resists warping, cracking, or breaking. It also resists rotting and corrosion. You can’t say that about vinyl or fiber cement siding, which require periodic replacement.
  • Steel siding requires minimal maintenance. Simply rinse your ABC siding from time to time with a garden hose, and it’ll look as good as new. In comparison, siding materials such as wood and brick need to be scraped, painted, or stained to stay attractive.

To learn more about seamless steel siding, contact ABC Seamless – the preferred steel siding company. We’ll help you make the right siding choice for your home.