Metal Roofs Can Provide Unsurpassed Protection for Your Home in Central Michigan

Metal Roofs Central Michigan

Metal roofs from ABC Seamless provide exceptional protection for homes in Central Michigan, just as they have for homes around the nation. And while traditional asphalt and wood shingles remain the “default” choice for some homeowners, they are certainly not the long-term solution that metal roofs provide. They often leave homeowners with distinct regrets down the line.

As years pass, traditional roofing materials often become damaged or even blow off. Strong winds, heavy snow, even gradual weathering, erosion and corrosion can wear away traditional roofing. This typically requires costly repairs, and might even result in replacement of the entire roof. Why do that again in ten or fifteen years when you can do it once now, for LIFE?

ABC Seamless metal roofs make a great deal of sense for Central Michigan homeowners because they offer:

  • Superior protection from hailstones, wind-blown debris, and fire… ABC’s heavy-gauge, hot-dipped, G-90 galvanized steel panels are both strong and noncombustible – to the extreme!
  • Impressive beauty, thanks to its high performance paint finish. ABC Roofing also delivers a high resistance to fading, even after years of direct exposure to the sun and the elements.
  • Energy efficiency, due to “Cool Roof” technology that reflects radiant heat away from your home to help maintain a more stable indoor temperature the year-round.
  • A lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty that’s among the best in the industry

To learn more about our metal roofs and how this technological marvel can benefit your home in Central Michigan, contact ABC Seamless today!