Metal Roofing Shields Homes from Damage in Smithfield, UT

Metal Roofing Smithfield UT

Metal roofing systems from ABC Seamless provide a shield of protection for homes in Smithfield, Utah, just as they have for homes around the country. While asphalt shingles and cedar shakes have been a popular choice for homeowners, they have later regretted that choice. When storm winds blow and damaging debris impacts shingles and shakes, they crumple under the pressure. Our steel roof systems thrive in those moments, and look amazing in ALL moments. No matter the weather, you’ll rest easy under an ABC Roof!

There are many reasons why investing in a metal roofing system for your home in Smithfield, UT, makes sense, including:

  • Unparalleled protection – Hailstones and wind-blown debris bounce right off a steel roof, and embers or fireworks fizzle out quickly, leaving no damage behind.
  • Astounding beauty – Our unique metal roofing products have a high-performance finish that continues looking like new even after years of sun exposure.
  • An industry-leading warranty – Your new steel roof comes with a lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty to protect your investment.

Plus, an ABC Roof is ENERGY STAR rated, thanks to our “Cool Roof” technology, which reflects heat away from your home, easing the burden on your air conditioning system in the summer. Our roofing systems also keep warm air where it belongs in the winter, so you won’t have to worry about your energy dollars seeping through the roof ever again!

To learn more about metal roofing and how it can benefit your home in Smithfield, UT, contact ABC Seamless today.