Insulated Log Siding from ABC Seamless Gives a Rustic Look to Homes Across the Country

Insulated Log SidingSteel, insulated log siding from ABC Seamless is the perfect solution for homeowners who want the rustic appeal of rough-hewn logs, but don’t have time for the upkeep required of traditional log homes. Our solution is simple – blend the realistic texture of wood with the low-maintenance nature of steel, and lay it atop a snug blanket of insulation to help keep the inside of the home cozy and comfortable.

One significant benefit of your insulated ABC log siding is that it’s so easy to maintain and to keep looking great year after year. And just look at some of these other great advantages:

  • Cleaning is a breeze – Wood logs can discolor over time, and need to be treated regularly to prevent rot and other deterioration. Many log home owners find it necessary to paint or stain their log siding to protect it from moisture. Your ABC steel log siding just needs to be hosed off occasionally to keep it looking great
  • Cracks are a thing of the past – Temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause wood logs to crack, splinter, and separate over time, creating an opening to the sensitive internal wall structure and potentially lead to more costly damage.
  • Steel puts insects back on the street – Burrowing insects and other pests have no opportunities with ABC steel log siding, except of course to find another home! That means no more costly and time-consuming fillers, poisonous insecticides, or other fruitless efforts to keep termites, ants, beetles, and other intruders away from those inviting wood logs.

Your region’s ABC Seamless team is eager to tell you more about the many benefits of this fascinating insulated log siding. Contact us today.