Saving through Impact Resistant Roofing!

Saving through Impact Resistant Ro0fing!


From a State Farm Insurance customer newsletter
Did you know that by replacing your roof with a qualified impact resistant roofing product, you might qualify for a discount on your State Farm Homeowners insurance?

State Farm offfers a premium discount on your annual homeowner’s premium if you select certain impact resistant roofing products.1


  • Impact resistant roofing products are more resistant to hail, flying depris and high winds than non-impact resistant roofing products. Some are warranted by the manufacturer against wind up to 130 mph.
  • You may be eligible for an annual discount on your homeowners insurance premium for the life of the roof.2
  • If you sell your home, the new owner may be eligible for a homeowners insurance discount, which can be a good selling point.

For a complete list of qualifying products, go to: Roofing: Premium Credits Product List. Contact your State Farm agent for more information.

1 Reduction of your homeowners insurance premium depends on your state of residence. Some restrictions may apply. Follow the link above for a list of qualifying states.
2 For qualifying metal roofs, a cosmetic damage exclusion is required to receive the discount.