Benefits of Steel Siding in Selling Real Estate

Benefits of Steel Siding in Selling Real Estate


From Dean Graziosi’s Real Estate Investment Academy Blog
If you’re in the real estate market and have a building to sell, making a good first impression is key; taking care of the outside of a building can mean all the difference between a sale and a flop. New siding can be part of making that first impression.

Of the many siding choices on the siding market, steel is not always the first thing that comes to mind when you think of durable, affordable, low-maintenance siding. However, this is one of the top long-standing choices for larger buildings, namely shops and industrial buildings, for a good reason.

Steel isn’t just for industrial-sized structures, and can be made in any number of colors and textures. Seamless steel siding eliminates the unsightly seams that can allow moisture through, significantly diminishing the possibility of rot. The general public is only just beginning to realize all the wonderful benefits steel over the highly publicized and extremely popular vinyl siding.

The durability of steel far outshines that of vinyl if it’s installed properly. While exposed edges or damage to the paint can leave it vulnerable to rust, proper maintenance can prevent that drawback. Where vinyl is prone to damage from high winds and hail, steel can withstand all but the most severe of these elements. Properly-installed steel siding is almost impossible to pry loose in the wind, no matter if it is gale-force, though larger hailstones may be able to dent the siding or scratch the paint.

If you’re environmentally-conscious, ask your contractor if they use recycled steel for their siding. Much of what is sold for siding today is recycled, thus promoting waste reduction as well as purchasing something that can be recycled whenever it is no longer of any use.

Steel isn’t the cheapest option on the market – in fact, it ranks among the most expensive – but it is well worth the money you put into it. It’s low maintenance, and cleaning is as simple as spraying with water from a garden hose. Especially in areas known for inclement weather, steel will withstand whatever nature throws at it for long-lasting protection and beauty.

For real estate owners looking to sell, the type of siding used on the building can be a high selling point.

Written by Dean Graziosi’s Real Estate Investment Academy Blog