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How Long Does a Metal Roof Last on a House?

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last on a House?

Metal roofs have seen a surge in popularity these past few years as homeowners from across the nation make the switch – and for good reason. Steel roofing is no longer associated with the cold, gray, unattractive tin material that once made up the majority of metal roofs. Homeowners can now select from an array of colors, styles, and finishes that complement their home’s exterior architecture and boost its overall curb appeal.

But the aesthetic appeal that metal roofing provides isn’t the only reason this roofing solution has continued to grow in popularity. Steel roofs are an investment that lasts a lifetime. The latest metal roofing systems are engineered from heavy-duty galvanized steel, one of the strongest roof materials on the market which, once installed, will last up to 80 years or even longer.

Galvanized steel provides a superior protection barrier for your home against even the most damaging outdoor elements, including wind, hail, and heavy snow. Even everyday weather conditions like heat and humidity can wreak havoc on other roofing materials like wood or asphalt. But steel is virtually unaffected by even the worst weather conditions.

What’s more, metal roofing is resistant to mildew, fire, rot, insect infestation, and other elements that erode or ruin other roofing materials, making metal a virtually maintenance-free roof system that will continue to look as good as new for years to come.

When it comes to superior and long-lasting metal roofing solutions, look no further than ABC Seamless. Since 1978, ABC has provided homeowners just like you with some of the most elite, permanent steel roofs on the market. Extensively trained roofing specialists have the experience and knowledge needed to install a steel roofing system on your home that lasts a lifetime.

For more information about metal roofing systems and why this roof will last a lifetime on your home, contact ABC Seamless today.

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