Popular Styles of House Windows You Can Choose for Your Omaha, NE, Home

House Windows Omaha NEBy upgrading the house windows on your Omaha, Nebraska, home, you can enjoy many benefits, including increased energy efficiency, noise reduction, and security. You can also dramatically improve the visual appeal of your home, since your windows play a large part in determining the overall attractiveness of your property. In selecting the style of house windows you would like to have installed, take into account how they would complement the various architectural features of your residence, as well as considering whether the windows would meet your functional needs.

As you research house window styles, you’ll undoubtedly see lots written about double-hung windows, since they are the most popular style of window available today. These windows feature two moveable sashes, which you can slide up or down to let in fresh air and ventilate your home. Many double-hung windows have tilt-in latches, which allow you to angle each window sash into the home for easy cleaning.

Sliding house windows share many similarities with double-hung windows, except that they feature sashes that slide side to side instead of up and down. You can choose between two-lite and three-lite sliding window styles for your Omaha, NE, home. Two-lite sliding windows feature two sashes, while three-lite windows feature three sashes, with a middle sash that remains fixed in place.

Designed to open outward from the home, casement windows have a distinctly European aesthetic and homeowners often choose these house windows for their looks alone. In the past, these windows had a reputation for having poor thermal efficiency, but recent advancements in window technology have enabled them to provide the high level of energy savings that consumers demand.

In addition to choosing from the aforementioned windows, you can also select awning, picture, bay, bow, and other house window styles. At ABC Seamless of Nebraska, we carry all of these popular profiles, with each type featuring state-of-the-art components such as Low-E glass, warm-edge spacers, and multiple panes of glass for increased indoor comfort and energy savings. If you intend on replacing damaged or outdated house windows of any size or configuration, we can provide custom window replacement solutions that will perfectly meet your needs, as we have for countless homeowners in Omaha, NE, since our founding in 1989. For a free in-home consultation, contact ABC Seamless today.