House Siding Options – Grand Island, NE

Example of seamless steel siding on Nebraska homeHow to Evaluate House Siding Options for Your Grand Island, NE, Home

If you’re considering replacing your home’s siding, the material you choose is of utmost importance. House siding options vary, with several materials being used to create siding including wood, vinyl, stone, brick, cement, and metal. While each of these materials brings something to the table, it is important to understand the uses and limitations of each so that you can make the right choice when replacing your home’s siding. After all, the wrong decision can lead to costly repairs, not to mention tedious maintenance year after year. With that in mind, lets take a look at some of the most common house siding options in Grand Island, NE.

Wood Siding

Wood siding can be an attractive house siding option for homeowners thanks to the appealing natural beauty of wood grain. However, wood siding comes with the highest maintenance requirements of all siding materials. Wood requires exterior finishes, such as paint or stains, that need refinishing every few years. This process is time consuming, especially when factoring in the sanding, scraping, and prep work needed beforehand. Additionally, wood siding is most susceptible to rotting, warping, and insects.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is a popular house siding option because of its affordability. It is very inexpensive to produce, and for many homes offers a cost-effective solution for siding needs. However, vinyl siding is not without its own disadvantages. Vinyl siding typically comes in large boxes of precut panels, meaning it must be overlapped to properly fit a home’s dimensions, resulting in seams. These seams are the primary fault-point for weather penetration, air leakage, and insect entry. Additionally, exposure to the sun and drastic seasonal changes, like those common in Nebraska, can result in the fading and cracking of vinyl siding.

Seamless Steel Siding

This is the siding material of choice for ABC Seamless of Nebraska. We proudly offer seamless steel siding to our customers because it is unmatched in its performance. Our seamless steel siding boasts a variety of benefits compared to other house siding options, such as:

  • Exceptional durability—Our siding is constructed from rugged 28-guage steel, which is far stronger than wood or vinyl, so it can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it.
  • Energy-efficiency—Unlike vinyl siding, our siding is cut to fit your home’s dimensions. This eliminates seams, which leak air and let in the outdoor temperatures, making it a far better source of insulation.
  • Low maintenance—Seamless steel siding doesn’t require annual maintenance, sanding, or repainting.

Trust the Experts at ABC Seamless of Nebraska

With so many superior qualities, its clear that seamless steel siding is the ideal siding option for your house. It will handle the test of time and keep your home looking beautiful year after year. Contact ABC Seamless of Nebraska today to learn more about our installation services for customers in Grand Island, NE.