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Our company came into existence in 1992 when Ray & Cindy Johnson decided to invest in an ABC Seamless franchise. Ray was intrigued by the technology which allowed steel to be roll-formed into seamless siding and seamless gutters. He wanted to offer this unique line of products to homeowners in our tri-state area — that was the start of ABC Seamless of Cumberland.

Ray & Cindy owned and worked the business for 18 years before they decided to sell to their nephew, Jeff Johnson, who started working for them in 1995. Jeff started out on one of the installation crews and then moved into a sales position several years later.

In 2010, Jeff Johnson became the second generation owner of the family business. Jeff kept the company name, retained all the employees and remained in sales. Our office manager and gutter crew foreman have been with the company since 1999; another foreman has 9 years with the company and other employees have anywhere from 3 to 7 years tenure. As you can tell, none of us are new to the home improvement industry, and we work well together as a team. ABC Seamless employees take pride in their work and enjoy what they do – helping to “Make Over Neighborhoods…One House At A Time!”


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They were absolutely amazing!
Don S.
Fargo, ND
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