COVID 19 Response

During this difficult time we want it to be clear we are taking the safety of both our customers and employees very seriously. Therefore we are offering three different options for our free consultations and estimates:

1. We can do an in-person estimate and presentation with ZERO contact. Our professional will measure your home, and meet with you at a distance. They will have their fully sanitized sales kit with them for you to look at and interact with, without needing to get close to our professional themselves. We are diligently wiping down and sanitizing all sales materials before and after each appointment.

2. Our sales professionals have all been set up with virtual meeting rooms. This means we can do a presentation in a video conference. This is as simple as your product expert texting or emailing you a link to their online meeting room. While somewhat limited in terms of measuring your property and project, we can certainly show you the product, and send more information.

3. We are also putting in place a Post COVID 19 Waitlist. We know that most people are not thinking about their home improvement projects during this time of uncertainty. We also know that when our country and humanity as a whole triumphs over this pandemic, it will be a very good day. We anticipate business to pick up quickly at that time and our schedules to fill up fast. Therefore, if you would like to be put on our Post COVID 19 waitlist, we will be calling those on the list in the order they were put on it.

Additionally, our crews are taking the following precautions: We will be wearing gloves, masks, and booties as well as using hand sanitizer throughout the project.

We will be wiping down everything that we have touched inside your home (windows, parts, frames, door knobs) with Clorox wipes.

We will never send an employee that shows any sign of being ill out to your home. If one person on a crew is showing symptoms of Covid 19, the entire crew will be shut down.