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VIDEO: Seamless Steel Siding vs Vinyl Siding

VIDEO: Seamless Steel Siding vs Vinyl Siding

VIDEO: Seamless Steel Siding vs Vinyl Siding

Here’s something to be aware when you’re choosing between between vinyl siding and seamless steel siding for your house.

FACT: Vinyl siding is very sensitive to heat. Your gas grill, or even reflected sunlight from a neighbor’s window can melt or warp it.

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Written by Good Morning America

Labor Shortage in Bismarck, ND

Labor Shortage in Bismarck, ND

ABC Seamless Labor Shortage With unemployment rates as high as 12 per cent in parts of the United States, it may be difficult for the hundreds of thousands of unemployed today to imagine that their carpentry and labor skills are in high demand in other parts of the Country. However, in Western North Dakota, that is exactly the case. Our unemployment rate is 3.6 per cent and falling. In fact, many industries are suffering from a labor shortage that will last years into the future.

New Jobs in North DakotaABC Seamless would like to create a win-win with you. We can help you and your family re-locate to a place with plenty of work. We are looking for people with Siding Installation experience or a strong carpentry background. We can put you to work right away. Come. Take a look at some of the other job openings within our organization: ABC Seamless Employment Opportunities.


Are your carpentry skills first-rate?
Is your siding installation crew top-notch?

ABC Seamless wants to talk to you!

Now hiring siding crews and to keep up with fast-growing demand in the Bismarck area. Single Worker & Team Hires. If you live far from Bismarck/Mandan, we can help to relocate.

• Signing bonus up to $5,000
• Siding Installation Experience Required

Call Paul Barnum any time of day for details: 701-224-9509

Costs and Advantages of Seamless Gutters for Consumers

Costs and Advantages of Seamless Gutters for Consumers

Hero_GuttersRain gutters are a feature that virtually all houses share. Care, some basic knowledge, and a good contractor will help you make selections as to the type and size of rain gutters most appropriate for your house and locality. And locality matters. Arizona averages just over 7 inches of rain per year while Mobile, Alabama, averages 67 inches. Water, water everywhere.

What Gutters Do

Rain gutters are open-topped troughs that are installed just below the eaves of your roof to collect and carry off rainwater. Normally they are constructed of metal. Downspouts are connected to the gutters and carry the water down to ground level. The water is then discharged on splash pads on the ground to direct the water away from the foundation. Occasionally the system discharges into a cistern or reservoir to collect the rainwater for subsequent use.

Gutters are shaped to form a specified profile, often a U-Shape (half-round), or a modified rectangular trough which is referred to as K-Shape. They need to be sized for your “worst-case” downpour. Sizes vary from 4 inches to 7 inches in width. Your gutter contractor will be able to recommend the size best suited to your local conditions.

Gutter Materials

The metal stock from which the gutter is formed can be aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, or one of these metals with a metal coating. Specialized materials include copper penny aluminum, Copper Plus (copper plated stainless steel), Galvalume (steel stock with a coating of aluminum and zinc), and lead-coated copper. Often the exterior face is painted, with a wide variety of colors available from which the customer may choose. Seamless gutters made of aluminum are the most common today.

The overall design of a gutter system has a number of different parts. These include the gutter, end caps, corner pieces, drop fittings, downspouts, elbows, and various kinds of hangers and support systems. Metal gutters were originally assembled from sections that were joined together with snap-in-place connectors.

Why Seamless Gutters?

Seams are always possible leak points in a gutter system. These joints may allow water to leak out of the gutter and drip down, possibly damaging the siding, splashing dirt onto the house, or eroding your yard. Seamless gutters virtually eliminate this leakage problem.

Seamless gutters have been available for more than 40 years and are the most common items selected by homeowners today. Seamless gutters are not totally seamless, but there are fewer seams that can create such leak points.

Seamless Gutter Machines

Seamless gutters are formed, at your home, using a special seamless gutter machine. The gutter is shaped from a coil of aluminum, steel, or copper stock that has a baked or painted finish. A wide variety of colors are available to match the paint, siding, brick, or stone color of your house. Each horizontal run of gutter is formed and cut to the exact length required for your installation, thereby minimizing the number of seams or joints. The stock materials from which the gutters are made vary in thickness from 0.019 inch to 0.032 inch. This is a place where attempting to save money is usually a mistake. Buy the heaviest material you can afford-it will last longer and resist damage better.

Advantages and Disadvantages

If you want to undertake constructing the gutter system yourself, your only choice is sectional-type materials. You still have a variety of materials and finish colors from which to select, but you are on your own. You are the designer and installer. If you have the skills required, and the time required, you can save some money over having a contractor install a system.

Most people will probably choose to use a contractor, and with seamless gutters you have a lot less hassle. In addition to the metal gutter materials discussed above, vinyl gutters are available. Vinyl material is the least expensive, but vinyl becomes brittle in very cold weather and is much more likely to crack. Galvanized steel is strong and will usually last 30 years or more. However, sooner or later it will rust. You can protect against this by periodically painting the inside of the gutter, but this adds to your load of home maintenance chores. Aluminum does not rust or crack, and is therefore a popular choice. However, be sure that the gutter material is made from primary aluminum and not secondary aluminum, which is a recycled product and has a history of inconsistent thickness (and therefore strength).

Gutter System Cost

How much are we talking? Vinyl gutters can be installed by a contractor for about $3 to $5 per linear foot. For galvanized steel gutters this goes up to between $4 and $8 per foot. Aluminum gutters will be in the range of $5 to $9 per foot. Copper gutters are most often used for top-of-the-line construction and restoration work. You can expect to pay $15 to $20 per foot for a copper gutter system. The good news is that copper never rusts and does not require paint.

You should also carefully examine the contractor’s warranty for the gutter system. A new shingle roof typically has a warranted life of 20 to 30 years. Your new gutter system should have a warranted life of 20 years or more.

As with most things, you have to decide what your goals are and what you can afford to invest. A moped and a Maserati will both get you from point A to point B, but there is a great difference in the style and grace involved. A careful review of your needs and goals?and some consultation with and quotations from several different contractors?should help you develop a plan that will fulfill your needs and provide a gutter system that will last many years.

The Look of Logs Without the Work

The Look of Logs Without the Work

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photo2.jpg(Fargo, ND) – Who doesn’t love the romantic look of a log home perched on a prairie or lake? But no one probably enjoys the work involved in maintaining a log home; caulking, chinking, sanding, sealing, staining, cleaning and battling bugs are never-ending chores. It makes you wonder how old Abe Lincoln ever found the time to leave his log home and run for president.

Abe had no alternatives. Today’s homeowners do. Log home lovers can achieve the look they adore without the work by switching to steel siding that mimics the appearance of logs. The siding is virtually maintenance-free and is guaranteed to never rust, chip or peel for the life of your home.

“Maintaining a traditional log home is a huge expense of both time and money,” says Scott Seiler of ABC Seamless, the company that manufactures the steel siding. “Expect to spend a minimum of $750 a year in time and materials to maintain a real log home, and another $6,000 or more every three to five years to have the house professionally preserved, re-stained and sealed.”

ABC Seamless Steel Log Home Siding eliminates those maintenance costs. The siding can be installed over existing siding on any style home, including a real log house. The steel log siding comes in a variety of sizes and colors, from dark brown “Rustic Brown” to “Williamsburg Gray” that mimics the light gray of wood exposed to the elements.

Because the siding is seamless, there are no unsightly joints in the middle of the wall where moisture may seep in. Each panel is applied with a warm blanket of insulation foam placed between the old exterior and the new siding. A foam backer inserted behind each individual log contour adds strength and support.

Log cabin owners Orvis and Diane Stockstad of Fargo, N.D. had the siding installed on the log home they’d owned for 30 years on Central Minnesota’s Pelican Lake. “From the road, it looks like an authentic log cabin,” Diane says. “You’d have to get up mighty close before realizing that it isn’t.”

Log home owner Oscar Green likes the maintenance-free qualities of the siding. “I’m getting older and don’t want to deal with all the maintenance which comes with owning a wood log home,” Green says. “Now there’s no maintenance and I still have my log home.”

To learn more about how ABC Seamless Steel Log Home Siding can give your home the maintenance-free look of a log house, visit

Metal Roofing FAQ – Hail to the Metal Roof

Metal Roofing FAQ – Hail to the Metal Roof

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Tom Black, Executive Director of the Metal Roofing Alliance answers frequently asked questions about the use of metal roofing in residential applications. A recent wave of hailstorms resulted in widespread damage to homes and businesses. Hail can break, split and cause tear-off damage to traditional roofing materials, resulting in big repair or replacement costs. Contractors and homeowners have discovered that metal roofs can protect homes from extreme weather events.

“Most of the damage to a traditional roof in a hailstorm is caused by water damage to the contents of the house when shingles are fractured,” said Bill Hippard, President of the Metal Roofing Alliance.  “Once a roof has a crack, water can stream into the home, damaging the structure and its contents.  Water damage can lead to mold and serious repair bills.”

Metal roofs are very tough and highly resistant to hail damage.  Hail will not penetrate a metal roof.  Even a new asphalt shingle roof won’t protect a home from the next hailstorm.  In fact, many metal roofing products have the highest impact resistance and hail rating (Class 4) granted by Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL).  This means that a sample of the product did not crack when hit twice in the same spot by a 2-inch steel ball, which, in a storm, would translate into a huge hailstone.  As a result of metal roofing’s superior performance in hail prone areas, some insurance companies even provide a reduced rate for homes protected by metal roofs.

The Roofing Industry Committee on Weather Issues, Inc. recently published the results of a comprehensive study on the impact of hail on various roofing materials.  RICOWI’s latest report included data from its inaugural Hailstorm Investigation Program (HIP).  Four inspection teams examined over one hundred roofing systems during a four-day period to evaluate the effects of a significant hailstorm that passed through portions of Oklahoma City.  The purpose of the project was to document the effects of hail impact on a variety of roofing products, and to describe roof assembly performance and modes of damage for substantiated hailstone sizes.

Four steep slope metal roofs were inspected: three metal shingle panels and one standing seam copper roof.  Maximum hailstone sizes impacting the roofs ranged from 0.75” to 1.75” in diameter.  Surface spatter marks were visible where hailstones had removed some of the surface patina of the metal or surface grime and oxidation from the painted surfaces.  Dents occurred from hail impact on three of the four roofs, with one metal shingle panel having no dents with 1.25 inch diameter hail.  On the other roofs, the hail caused dents were found to be a cosmetic issue, with no functional damage.  Panel joints had not been distorted sufficiently to affect the water shedding ability of the panels.

Hail effects on metal roof systems were seen as cosmetic, rather than functional.  Indentations occurred with larger hailstones, but painted coatings or stone-coatings had not been compromised by the denting.

For more information, visit www.

Written by Roofers Exchange, Mid-West Edition, August 2008, Page 18

“First Among My Equals”

“First Among My Equals”

“First Among My Equals”

Primus inter pares [pree-moos in-ter pah-res] Latin

This year ABC Seamless received top honors as the number one siding systems franchise, a position they have held since 2008. They were also named one of the top 500 franchises in the United States by Entrepreneur Magazine in their 33rd annual Franchise 500.

Our business concept has remained remarkably simple through the years: quality products yield quality results. What separates ABC Seamless from our competitors is the superior quality of our products. Instead of vinyl or other types of materials, we only use steel siding, steel roofing, steel gutters, and steel soffit and fascia.

ABC Seamless only has to do a job once because we do it right and we do it with steel. Both our seamless steel siding and our seamless steel roofing have time tested durability – much like ABC Seamless. ABC Seamless created the seamless steel siding industry 36 years ago in Fargo, ND and began expanding across the nation in 1978.

The mission of ABC Seamless is to create value for homeowners through their products. Imagine never having to paint the house or never worrying about leaky gutters. We are the industry experts and our expertise will give you peace of mind throughout the process of an exterior home remodel. ABC Seamless continues to grow because people know that they are getting a durable, quality product every time they call the duck at 1-800-732-6577.

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