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ABC Seamless in Emporia Gives Back, Welcomes Your Help

ABC Seamless in Emporia Gives Back, Welcomes Your Help

ABC Seamless in Emporia Gives Back, Welcomes Your Help

salvationarmylogoEMPORIA, Kan. – When it comes to donations to charitable organizations, usually cold weather and winter holidays come to mind, but Salvation Army Capt. Jeremiah Burris said donations are needed now.

“The budget is very tight right now because of the increase of need and services we are experiencing,” Burris said.

The Salvation Army serves approximately 4,000 to 5,000 Emporia citizens each year by offering a food pantry, utility and rent payment assistance, vehicle repairs and other needs.

Emporia State University’s recent can drive has filled the pantry, Burris said, but as the Kansas Cold Weather Rule goes out of effect, many Emporia citizens will need help with their past due gas bills.

“Now that we are approaching spring, there will be a great need for utility assistance as shut-off notices will be given and utilities [are] in danger of being shut off,” Burris said.

On March 13, New Dimension Products of Emporia, Inc., will host its first-ever open house fundraiser for the Salvation Army. The fundraiser lunch will include barbecue sandwiches, chips, a drink and dessert for a minimum donation of $1. New Dimension will match all donations.

“We at New Dimension believe in community and the desire to be of help to those of the area who we can be of service to,” said Scott Strahm, owner of New Dimension. “The Salvation Army is on the front line of those in need. We are pleased to be involved with Capt. Burris and his team at the Salvation Army.”

The open house event will be a family-friendly atmosphere, with music, several door prizes, free products, and other entertainment. Children will have the opportunity to pose for pictures with the ABC Seamless duck, and parents can receive a copy of the photo. The event will also kick off New Dimension’s 26th anniversary sale, going on now through the end of March.

Burris said the best way to help right now is to donate funds.

“If the community would like to help, just come on out and support the open house fundraiser with a monetary donation that will be maximized through a dollar-for-dollar match by New Dimension, with all proceeds going to help those in need,” Burris said.

Capt. Jeremiah Burris, Salvation Army, (620)342-3093
Scott Strahm, New Dimension Products of Emporia, Inc., (620) 342-7151

2008 National Franchise of the Year

ABC Seamless of Cheyenne Wyoming Awarded 2008 National Franchise of the Year

Randy-Jerry--Chuck-Franchise-of-the-year-08ABC Seamless Siding of Cheyenne, WY was named the 2008 National ABC Seamless Franchise of the Year. ABC Seamless president Jerry Beyers presented the award to Randy & Becky Terfehr and Chuck Hall, owners of ABC Seamless of Cheyenne, at the National Franchise Meeting in Bloomington, MN.

Cheyenne has been an ABC Seamless Franchise for 12 years. In their first year of business they received the Outstanding First Year Dealer award. In 1999 they received the “Flying Start” award. They have made it in the Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500 every year since 2000. Randy and Chuck have each sold over $1,000,000 every year since 2000. They have received an award for National Sales Achievement every year since 2001.They also the National Franchise Dealer of the Year award in 2002. Since the inception of the top 5 Market Penetration Award in 2003, they have consistently been in the top 5 for their category.

“The National Franchise of the Year is seen as a role model for other franchisees,” says Jerry Beyers, president of ABC Seamless. “A franchise like ABC Seamless of Cheyenne leads by example with a proven business method and a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has earned the right to be called the National Franchise of the Year.”

Energy Star Windows Moving to EPA

Energy Star Windows Moving to EPA

logo-window-doorThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is taking over as “the brand manager for the Energy Star products program,” according to a recently announced plan to coordinate efforts with the Department of Energy to expand and enhance both Energy Star and the new National Building Rating Program.

The announcement, which came out just prior to GlassBuild America, also notes a new “Super Star” category of product is being added beyond Energy Star. According to the new partnership summary, “performance levels will be set using established and consistent principles for the Energy Star brand. Generally, products in the top 25 percent will qualify as Energy Star and the top 5 percent will qualify as Super Star.”

In addition to the new effort to recognize superefficient products, the announcement states that the Energy Star products program will be enhanced through expanded coverage, more frequent updates and enhanced efforts on product testing.

Currently, the Energy Star program is co-managed by EPA and DOE.  EPA handles certain product categories and DOE handles others, including the Energy Star windows, doors and skylights program.  With the change, Energy Star windows, doors and skylights will move over to EPA, which will take over responsibility for “marketing, outreach, monitoring and verification, and setting the performance level(s).”

imagesfweSpeaking at an energy efficiency town hall forum held in conjunction with GlassBuild last week, current DOE program manager for Energy Star windows said talks to transition responsibilities would start soon, but he could not yet give a timetable for the change to take effect.

While EPA takes over Energy Star, DOE will manage the National Building Rating Program, “consisting of building test procedures, building rating tools, and consumer-oriented building labels,” the summary explains. “DOE will establish all Federal test procedures for buildings, which will include ‘asset,’ and ‘operational’ characteristics, and benchmark buildings against similar buildings.”  EPA, however, will be the brand manager when the “Energy Star” is applied to …

To view the rest of this article, originally published in the October 2009 issue of Window & Door magazine, click here:

Written by Window & Door Magazine – October 2009

Moving from Double to Triple of Possibly a New Technology

Moving from Double to Triple of Possibly a New Technology


Questions and concerns about a possible shift to triple-glazing have been floating around the industry ever since the Department of Energy issued its preliminary announcement about potential changes to the Energy Star Windows program. The new, more stringent U-factors Department of Energy(DOE) said it was considering for Northern climates in a couple years would be tough to meet with even the best double-glazed, gas-filled low-E coated glass package. To meet the new numbers, companies would have to go to triple-glazing, or perhaps some new technology.

In June, DOE’s Marc LaFrance, speaking at the summer conference of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, pointed to climate change concerns and our country’s growing need for energy independence, as well as the resulting building code changes and evolution of Energy Star. “All these things are moving forwards together to move the industry from a double-paned package to pretty much a triple-paned package,” he said.

Following up on that general prediction, we used the poll in our Windows&Doors Weekly newsletter to see if and when the industry thought we’d be going from double to triple glass. Apparently, a good number of people out there think it will happen. We asked readers how long before triple-glazing will account for 25 percent of the market. In total, close to 40 percent predicted it would happen within the next 10 years. That’s not a very long time in our industry. Vinyl, and I would say low-E, were probably around longer than 10 years before they hit the 25 percent market share mark.

Another quarter of our respondents expect the shift will happen, but suggest it would take longer—perhaps 20 years. It’s interesting to note, however, that one quarter don’t think it will ever happen. Never is a long time. I suspect those responses are somewhat colored by the very legitimate cost versus value question that triple-lite presents the industry—and our customers—now.

Going to triple-lite construction most of us know, can add significantly to the cost of a product. It not only adds to the cost of the glass package itself, but the …

To view the rest of this article, originally published in the August 2008 issue of Window & Door magazine, click here:

Written by John Swanson, editor & associate publisher

Appreciate Your Home with Quality Metal Roofing

Appreciate Your Home with Quality Metal Roofing

From The Metal Roofing Alliance Blog

ArrowLine_RoofIf you’ve been considering upgrading your home and increasing its resale value, you should know that beautiful and enduring metal roofing is highly valued as one of the top renovation-friendly building materials for rehabbers and new home builders alike.

As reported by Sal Alfano of Remodeling Magazine, homes renovated with standing-seam metal roofing show a rate of 85.9% cost recouped in the national average with up to 95.5% for homes in the Eastern states, a full 1 and 6% resale value gain over homes roofed with asphalt. And with all the added safety and longevity associated with quality metal roofing matching installation job costs that reach only one half of that of cosmetic room remodeling averages or even one eighth of that of a master suite addition, you hardly deny the sense in upgrading.

Find the Average Metal Roof Value in Your Area:

The following table shows average values associated with a typical roof renovation of 30 squares of standing seam metal, formed on-site into 16-inch panels using factory-enameled roll steel (all seams double-locked) with brake-bent flashing from same material for drip edge and all flashing at roof-wall intersections, a 5-square hip roof with custom flashing at two average-sized skylights, a custom cap treatment, all applied over a new felt underlayment with rubberized asphalt membranes at eaves, valleys and all penetrations.

Market Cost Recouped
National Average 85.9%
East-Coast States Average 95.5%
Midwest States Average 74.7%
Southern States Average 87.4%
Western States Average 86.7%

The Metal Roofing Alliance has many resources that discuss the features and benefits of different styles of metal roofing. Take a look at their page on Cool Metal Roofing.

No Ugly Seams In Our Siding!

No Ugly Seams In Our Siding!


ABC Seamless has eliminated all of the unsightly seams.  While others offer UGLY seams that collect dust, dirt and moisture – leaving your home looking dirty and shabby.  Where the other guys can only try to hide the seams – ABC Seamless doesn’t even have any!  Contact us today for a no obligation quote and learn what so many homeowners have – there really is only one choice for siding strength and beauty!

Written by (c) ABC Seamless 2010

Seamless Steel Siding Saves Home From Disaster

Seamless Steel Siding Saves Home From Disaster

weiss_house“Without a doubt, your seamless siding saved my house,” says Mike Weiss assuredly. He knows a lot about fires. When Mike retired as Lieutenant at the Flint, Michigan Fire Department in 2000, he had served with his squad for 23 years.

Mike and Grace Weiss moved out to their 10-acre plot in Otisville, 35 minutes from Flint, in 1997. The property was just what they were looking for. A little acreage with an attractive, 4-story house with a fireplace and a big pole barn to store his hobby cars. Mike kept the cedar trim and had his house wrapped in rustic brown ABC Seamless siding after comparing products at the Flint Builders’ show in 1999. “I had re-stained the T-111 (masonite) siding once shortly after we moved in and I wasn’t going to do that again. The house looked great when ABC was done with it.” This was a good choice.

It was in early April of this year when Grace had come upstairs to wake Mike after seeing something strange on the patio. She had been letting the cats out when she saw a thin grey square of carbon fall like a leaf to the lawn. The couple had enjoyed a fire in the fireplace earlier and the cedar trim surrounding the fluke exhaust caught fire. As the fire moved toward the roof, it was starved for oxygen by the seamless steel surround. While the siding didn’t entirely choke out the fire, it delayed the spread of the fire long enough that the fire department was able to easily extinguish it when they arrived.

The Weiss home sustained only $15,000 in damage which was paid primarily by their insurance. More importantly, Mike and Grace saved their belongings and their lives. “I’m definitely crediting the siding [for saving my house]. It did its job in more ways than one.”

Written by Nicholas Goodroad, ABC Seamless Public Relations

ALERT: Contractor Misrepresentation

ALERT: Contractor Misrepresentation

z_gavelIt has been reported in the Bismarck/Mandan area that America’s Best Contractor has been misrepresenting themselves while canvassing. If you have been contacted by this company, please take action.

Remember: If the DUCK is not on the truck…. it might mean BAD LUCK.

abcroofWe have received many reports from citizens in the Bismarck/Mandan area that have signed contracts with a company that falsely represented itself as ABC Roofing. These homeowners pre-paid for roofing or siding work to repair hail damage incurred during the early summer storm season.

Don’t be fooled by these contractors that are leveraging the ABC Seamless reputation for excellence in exterior remodeling to talk you into some roofing repair, we do not endorse their services or products.

If you feel that you have been misled by America’s Best Contractor, E-Mail Paul Barnum.

Written by Nicholas Goodroad, ABC Seamless Public Relations

Consider Durable Seamless Steel Siding

Consider Durable Seamless Steel Siding



There is nothing worse than putting new siding on your home and within six months noticing that same siding starting to bulge at some of the seam areas. The heartbreak gets worse when the contractor who put the siding up cannot be reached, and you seem to be stuck with a shoddy job.

A better siding choice would have been seamless steel siding. When you use seamless steel siding on your home, the problem of bulging is less likely to occur. There are no seams that can be affected by weather, air, or improper installation that can cause the bulging. It stays in place and will remain that way for years to come.

Why use steel siding? According to the manufacturers ABC Seamless and Norandex, it is a little bit more expensive at the get go, but it will last longer than vinyl. It will not rust or show other signs of decay. It can be painted as your interests change. One can pretty much count on it lasting the life of the home, a deal you can hardly pass by. In 2004, “Remodeling Magazine” reported that 90% of residing costs will be recovered upon resale of your home.

Right now, trying to finance your home may be a bit difficult, but the lending agency may be more likely to lend the extra costs for seamless steel siding because of the durability of the siding and the extended value of your home because of it. Your home will be worth more for a longer period of time with this type of siding, so go for it.

Seamless steel siding is not something that is pre-measured somewhere and then brought to your home and installed, at least not by reputable contractors. You will be able to watch them measure the siding right there and make the cut that they need to run the full distance of the house. There are no seams, no gaps, and no room for error due to early mistakes in measuring. People who are installing seamless steel siding are highly trained professionals who care about their work, care about your home and how it looks in the present, and care about how your home will last in the years to come.

Lead Paint Protection: Choose ABC Seamless

Lead Paint Protection: Choose ABC Seamless

ABC Seamless is an EPA Lead Certified Renovator, dedicated to protecting your children and loved ones from the dangers of lead poisoning. Our installers have been trained to control lead exposure during rennovation of your home. Especially if your home was built before 1978, please recognize the risk of lead exposure in children and use an EPA Lead Certified Renovator to replace your siding and windows or if you’re painting the inside of your home. Only 2.5% of North Dakota contractors know how to protect your family if you have lead on your walls.

For answers to your questions about protecting your family from lead exposure during home rennovation, visit

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