What is a “Seam”? Why Choose Seamless…

What is a “Seam”? Why Choose Seamless…

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We’ve discovered that homeowners choose vinyl, fiber cement board, boxed steel and aluminum siding products because they don’t know the problems that seams cause on a home. This short video explains the seamless advantage and will show you why NOT to choose these other products if your goal is lifetime value and maintenance-free beauty for your home.


[ Announcer ] The major factor that sets us apart is that your entire home will be sided without any ugly seams. That’s why we’re SEAMLESS. Other siding must be overlapped every 12 feet, creating a pattern of at least 130 ugly seams on an average size house. But each ABC piece of ABC Seamless steel is formed and cut to the exact length of your home, eliminating the seams. And just look at the difference between a home sided with vinyl, and a home with ABC Seamless Steel Siding.

[ Testimonial ] When they say seamless they’re—“Without any Quacks!”—That’s what they mean.

[ Announcer ] A house with a lot of ugly seams has a tendency to allow more dirt, bugs, and moisture behind the siding; which can make the home look dirty and unattractive. ABC Seamless Steel Siding can minimize these problems.

[ Testimonial ] We had been thinking about getting siding, steel siding, permanent siding, and I guess when we looked around—the vinyl siding always bulges, the other siding has all the cracks and the seams. No matter what you do, you’ll always see them.

[ Announcer ] Ugly seams are necessary for other forms of siding because they need to allow for the shrinking and expanding that is caused by varying temperatures. The UGLY result? It will slowly separate and eventually bulge, crack, or blow off—not a pleasant sight for yourself or your neighbors.

The answer to these concerns is as simple as A-B-C Seamless.

[ Testimonial ] We thought we were getting a no-maintenance siding before, and now we hope we have it. That and the warranty were what really impressed us. We got so badly stung by the preceding siding that we came in with sever criteria… Warranty was number 1.

[ Announcer ] With ABC Seamless Siding your worries are over. You can create a completely new look for your home that will last forever and impress your friends and neighbors.