The Look of Logs Without the Work

The Look of Logs Without the Work

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photo2.jpg (Fargo, ND) – Who doesn’t love the romantic look of a log home perched on a prairie or lake? But no one probably enjoys the work involved in maintaining a log home; caulking, chinking, sanding, sealing, staining, cleaning and battling bugs are never-ending chores. It makes you wonder how old Abe Lincoln ever found the time to leave his log home and run for president.

Abe had no alternatives. Today’s homeowners do. Log home lovers can achieve the look they adore without the work by switching to steel siding that mimics the appearance of logs. The siding is virtually maintenance-free and is guaranteed to never rust, chip or peel for the life of your home.

“Maintaining a traditional log home is a huge expense of both time and money,” says Scott Seiler of ABC Seamless, the company that manufactures the steel siding. “Expect to spend a minimum of $750 a year in time and materials to maintain a real log home, and another $6,000 or more every three to five years to have the house professionally preserved, re-stained and sealed.”

ABC Seamless Steel Log Home Siding eliminates those maintenance costs. The siding can be installed over existing siding on any style home, including a real log house. The steel log siding comes in a variety of sizes and colors, from dark brown “Rustic Brown” to “Williamsburg Gray” that mimics the light gray of wood exposed to the elements.

Because the siding is seamless, there are no unsightly joints in the middle of the wall where moisture may seep in. Each panel is applied with a warm blanket of insulation foam placed between the old exterior and the new siding. A foam backer inserted behind each individual log contour adds strength and support.

Log cabin owners Orvis and Diane Stockstad of Fargo, N.D. had the siding installed on the log home they’d owned for 30 years on Central Minnesota’s Pelican Lake. “From the road, it looks like an authentic log cabin,” Diane says. “You’d have to get up mighty close before realizing that it isn’t.”

Log home owner Oscar Green likes the maintenance-free qualities of the siding. “I’m getting older and don’t want to deal with all the maintenance which comes with owning a wood log home,” Green says. “Now there’s no maintenance and I still have my log home.”

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