Consider Durable Seamless Steel Siding

Consider Durable Seamless Steel Siding



There is nothing worse than putting new siding on your home and within six months noticing that same siding starting to bulge at some of the seam areas. The heartbreak gets worse when the contractor who put the siding up cannot be reached, and you seem to be stuck with a shoddy job.

A better siding choice would have been seamless steel siding. When you use seamless steel siding on your home, the problem of bulging is less likely to occur. There are no seams that can be affected by weather, air, or improper installation that can cause the bulging. It stays in place and will remain that way for years to come.

Why use steel siding? According to the manufacturers ABC Seamless and Norandex, it is a little bit more expensive at the get go, but it will last longer than vinyl. It will not rust or show other signs of decay. It can be painted as your interests change. One can pretty much count on it lasting the life of the home, a deal you can hardly pass by. In 2004, “Remodeling Magazine” reported that 90% of residing costs will be recovered upon resale of your home.

Right now, trying to finance your home may be a bit difficult, but the lending agency may be more likely to lend the extra costs for seamless steel siding because of the durability of the siding and the extended value of your home because of it. Your home will be worth more for a longer period of time with this type of siding, so go for it.

Seamless steel siding is not something that is pre-measured somewhere and then brought to your home and installed, at least not by reputable contractors. You will be able to watch them measure the siding right there and make the cut that they need to run the full distance of the house. There are no seams, no gaps, and no room for error due to early mistakes in measuring. People who are installing seamless steel siding are highly trained professionals who care about their work, care about your home and how it looks in the present, and care about how your home will last in the years to come.