Best Log Siding for Your Home

Log siding is an alternative to traditional log cabin kits that combines the aesthetic appeal of timber with the pragmatism of siding. Your home will look remarkably like a traditional log cabin, but be free of the drawbacks associated with this style of building. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of log siding for your home, including durability, ease of installation, and aesthetic appeal.

What is Log Siding?

Log siding is a type of siding that is designed to mimic the look of stacked logs, such as those used to construct a traditional log cabin. Log siding is available in a variety of finishes and materials, including wood, vinyl, and metal options.  

Advantages of Log Cabin Siding 

Log siding offers several advantages over actual logs:

Less expensive: log cabin siding is typically much less expensive to install than full logs. Log cabin kits also often include materials that you will not use, which can increase the price and contribute to waste. 

Better seal: ABC’s metal log siding is completely seamless, providing unparalleled protection from the outside elements and a crisp, clean look. Our steel log siding is insulated and backed with foam, which makes it highly energy efficient.  

Easier to install: logs are heavy and require specialized equipment to stack on top of one another. Although it does require expertise to install, log siding is much lighter and does not require the use of cranes and lifts. 

Less maintenance: metal log siding is especially durable and low-maintenance. Unlike wood, which can crack, warp, rot, and peel, metal log siding is designed to last decades with relatively little upkeep. 

Flexibility: log siding comes in a wide array of colors and finishes so you can get the exact look you want. You also have the choice of whether or not you want the cabin look on the interior as well. Some may prefer a rustic exterior and a more modern interior. You don’t have this flexibility with log cabin kits. 

Metal Log Siding vs Vinyl Log Siding 

Aside from wood, log siding is available in two manmade versions: metal and vinyl. Each has its own considerations, of course, including ease of installation, durability, cost, and maintenance. 

Vinyl Log Siding

Vinyl log siding is generally a more affordable option and is more durable than wood. It is designed to last generally between 20 and 40 years, though actual longevity depends heavily on variables like climate. Though they are not prone to issues commonly associated with wood, such as rot, pests, and shrinkage, vinyl is not indestructible. It can be prone to tearing, cracking, denting and fading in severe weather conditions.

Steel Log Siding

Steel log siding is preferable for areas with high winds, hail storms, etc., or for anyone who doesn’t want to have to lift a finger once their siding has been installed. Steel is designed to last at least 50 years with only an occasional rinse required to keep it looking great.   

Seamless metal siding is also more energy efficient, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our metal log siding is installed with foam-backed insulation, which not only aids in keeping temperatures at bay, but also provides strength and further durability to each log contour. You may find a noticeable downward trend in your utility bills, thanks to this efficiency.

Metal log siding will not rot, crack, fade, or peel, truly withstanding the test of time and the elements. Additionally steel log siding is superior at pest control: without cracks, there is no chance of a mite gnawing away at the exterior of your home.

Is Metal Siding Difficult to Install?

One important consideration for metal siding, including log siding, is that it will require professional installation. Although significantly lighter than actual logs, metal siding is still quite heavy compared to vinyl or other materials. You will want professional installers who can safely manage the weight while maintaining precision.

Keep in mind that metal log siding is also measured and cut on site. This requires specialized equipment that most DIYers do not have. 

Hiring a professional comes with the added benefit of product and service warranties, which offers peace of mind should you need repairs or replacement.

Log Cabin Siding in Nebraska

Steel siding is an excellent choice for any residence, but it is especially important when considering Nebraska’s weather. Among other extremes, high winds and summer storms can take a toll on vinyl and wooden siding. Steel will stand up to Nebraska’s elements for decades with little-to-no maintenance. And at ABC of Nebraska, we take it one step further by screw-securing the siding to your home so high winds are a non-issue. 

If you have always admired the look of a log cabin, we can help transform your existing home into the one of your dreams. Our expert technicians cut each and every piece of siding on site to ensure a perfect fit. We have a huge selection of color options, including high def, wood grain, and two-tone varieties. All of our products come with a lifetime guarantee and we have financing available to make it even easier to upgrade your home. Call or go online today for a free quote. 

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