Metal vs. Slate Roofing

Roofer installs slate roofing tiles.Deciding which material to use for your new roof is no small matter. The wrong material could leave you dissatisfied with its performance, longevity, or appearance—a worst-case scenario for any homeowner. And, with all the options to choose from, the decision can feel even more daunting. While asphalt shingles remain the run-of-the-mill choice for most residential roofs, two other materials, metal and slate, offer different and attractive advantages. So, when it comes to choosing between metal vs. slate roofing, which is better?  ABC Seamless of Nebraska is here to show you why metal is hands-down the superior choice.

Metal Roofing Is Far More Durable

At first glance, slate may seem like a superior roofing option. After all, slate comes in an array of colors and certainly offer more strength than wood shakes or asphalt shingles. However, metal roofing offers these same benefits as well as qualities that surpass slate. Slate roofs are prone to cracking, chipping, and breaking, even with low amounts of pressure applied, like that from falling debris during storms. Slate shingles may look good at first, but after only a few seasons you might begin to notice areas where damage has occurred.

Metal roofing does not have this problem, as high-strength steel is made to handle anything Mother Nature can throw at it. Additionally, just like shakes and shingles, slate is still susceptible to collecting mildew, mold, and moss, especially in shaded areas. Steel roofing is impervious to these ailments, so your roof will stay looking brand-new, season after season!

Slate Roofing is Not as Cost Effective

Slate roofing can cost as much as five times more than metal roofing, while only offering a fraction of the capabilities. It hardly makes sense to invest in a more expensive product that gives you less benefits than metal roofing. Slate needs to be patched together just like shakes or shingles, and has the potential to leave gaps which could lead to leaks down the line. With steel roofs however, the metal can be cut to size right on site so that it perfectly fits the dimensions of your home. Metal roofing can also be textured and colored in a variety of ways to create a unique appearance that perfectly matches the look you desire for your home, regardless of its architectural style.

Metal Roofing Is Better for Your Home

Slate is a very heavy material. This means that additional support is needed from your home’s frame for the roofing system. Some homes simply may not be optimized for this style of roof. However, metal roofs are surprisingly lightweight compared to other materials and can last a lifetime with virtually no maintenance or degradation. Additionally, our steel roofs are designed to help enhance your home’s energy efficiency and can reflect heat from the sun to keep you comfortable without overworking your HVAC system.

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It’s clear that metal roofs offer substantially more benefits than their slate counterparts. If your home is in need of a new roof, contact ABC Seamless of Nebraska today to learn more about our premium steel roofs and the top-tier level of customer service we offer for local homeowners.