A Homeowner’s Guide to Pergolas

Homeowners are always looking for ways to make their backyards more inviting. One of the best methods for achieving that effect is to add in a structure known as a pergola. These open-air additions boost the value of the property while creating a wonderful gathering space in the outdoors.

What Is a Pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure supported by posts with a ceiling made of cross beams and lattice. Usually, it is not enclosed on the sides so individuals sitting underneath it can enjoy the fresh air and breeze.

Either free-standing or emanating from a home’s siding to cover a porch, it provides some degree of shade. Many people choose to grow vine plants—such as wisteria or trumpet vine—along the beams.

What Types Are There?

pergolaCommonly, pergolas have open-air tops to let some sun in and allow air to travel more freely. Others have a sail top—a soft fabric roof. Should you be worried about inclement weather, there are also some with a more traditional solid roof.

Most pergolas are made of vinyl, wood, or metal. Vinyl is the most affordable and comes in a wide array of colors. However, it is a less durable material than others. It cannot be attached to a home and may sag under the weight of ice in the winter.

Wood is beautiful and will suit the aesthetic of your backyard. However, the posts and beams will need to be resealed regularly to avoid moisture-related rot and pest infestation.

Metal pergolas are the most weather-resistant and long-lasting. Unlike vinyl, which can bend, or wood, which can splinter and crack when exposed to heavy snow or shifting temperatures, it will retain its timeless elegance.

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