3 Tips for Organizing Exterior Home Improvement Tasks

While we might spend most of our time inside our homes, the exterior has a direct effect on interior comfort, as well as curb appeal. If you have several exterior home renovation projects that you are contemplating—from new roofing installation to revitalizing the landscaping—it can be challenging to decide which takes priority. The guide below offers advice for itemizing these tasks.

How to Prioritize Exterior Renovation Projects

1. Work From the Top Down

Tackle any necessary roof repairs first. A functioning roof and gutter system will protect other improvements. If the top of the building is in disrepair, any projects further down could be set back by water damage. In addition to protecting the home from leaks, a new roofing installation is a very visible improvement that adds value and style.

2. Factor in Budget Constraints

roofing installation

Big dreams are often the most exciting. However, tackling small repairs right away can save time and money. For example, updating your front door is less expensive than adding a deck but will still have a visual impact and has a high return on investment should you choose to sell the property. It also boosts your home’s security and can prevent pest entry, which can protect your other belongings. Choose high-quality materials and crews to perform every project. While it might seem cost-efficient to pick less expensive products, they’ll deteriorate quickly and need to be replaced yet again.

3. Plan Around Energy Savings

Exterior improvements can increase a building’s energy efficiency. Prioritize tasks that will lower your bills. This makes it easier to put aside funds for other projects. Install reflective, light-colored roofing to increase interior comfort and reduce HVAC costs. Modern replacement windows and doors eliminate drafts and provide superior insulation. Ask your contractor about available Energy Star® certified products. In the Nebraska area, homeowners can save an average of 22 percent on annual heating and cooling bills by replacing their single-paned windows.

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