3 Benefits of the Bay Window

A bay window is a window that juts outward from the home, and is made of three glass panels—one that is parallel to the wall and two that are angled towards the center pane. In addition to creating a visual interest point, these window installations offer a few benefits that make them a smart addition to any living space.

Why Install a Bay Window at Home?

1. Add Square Footage

Because they project outward from the wall, bay windows add square footage to homes. They are perfect for accommodating a window seat where you can sit and read or creating a nook where you can place a breakfast table while offering a view of the outdoors. Since the glass is clear, these windows can also give the illusion of even more space.

2. Maximize Natural Light

window installationThis window installation effectively creates a wall of windows. In addition, the angled panes capture more natural light for more hours of the day. South-facing bay windows will brighten up the home during the winter, while north-facing windows will evenly capture light throughout the year with minimal glare. This means you won’t have to use as many electric lights in rooms bay windows are in, saving you money on electricity.

3. Natural Cooling

In many cases, sunlight streaming through your windows can warm the inside of your home, which can put a strain on your AC system. However, many bay windows are capable of opening on the sides—making them perfectly positioned to capture a summer breeze and funnel it into the home. This keeps your space naturally cooler. In the winter when you want warmth, you can close these panes to let the sunlight heat your home naturally.

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