Steel Board and Batten Siding – A Sophisticated Option from ABC Seamless

Board and Batten Siding Board and batten siding has a unique style many homeowners choose to set their house apart from other homes in their neighborhood. Slim, vertical boards (known as battens) are layered over the top of wide, flat boards, creating a subtly textured effect that’s intriguing from up close as well as far away.

While most board and batten designs are made from wood panels, they can be quite difficult to maintain. But at ABC Seamless, we’ve developed a much friendlier option – one that features the same iconic “striped” pattern, yet constructed from durable, easy-to-maintain steel.

While traditional alternating-panel wood siding has a charming, rustic look, our steel option also maintains that natural appearance, but with a number of other important advantages:

  • It’s resistant to weather and insect damage. Wood siding can rot away or fall prey to termites and other bugs. On the contrary, steel siding resists mold, mildew, rotting, and insect infestations.
  • It’s so easy to maintain. Wood siding needs regular pampering to keep its attractive appearance. ABC steel siding requires no painting, power-washing, or sealing – ever.
  • Its panels are seamless – from edge to edge – rather than patch-worked together from dozens of sectioned panels. When siding is made from sectioned board and batten, its many seams can be vulnerable to dirt, pests, and moisture. However, when siding is made from a single sheet of steel – from end to end like ABC Seamless – the result is an impenetrable defense against the elements.

At ABC Seamless, we create traditional board and batten designs, as well as reverse board and batten for a deeply grooved channel effect. This gives you the same striking style as wood board and batten cladding, but with all the benefits of steel.

To learn more about our unique steel board and batten siding, contact ABC Seamless today.